Planet Backwards

Written by- Lois Edwards

I awoke to the sound of birds cheeping outside my window, and my mother cooking breakfast downstairs. It was only when I looked in the mirror that I knew something was wrong. This is how it started.

I had gotten out of bed and was getting dressed when I caught a glimpse of my hair in my mirror. It was.. PURPLE!

I then looked out my window and saw that the sky was orange, ok how could this get any weirder I thought to myself. I had spoken too soon the grass was red!

I was panicking, had we been invaded my mutant aliens or something? I ran downstairs as quick as I could but it was too late, my mother had been infected two. Her hair was also purple!

I asked her:

“What’s going on, why is your hair purple and why is the sky orange?”

And she just said:

“Oh darling, you must have not got enough sleep go back to bed dear”

How could she not see what was going on! I would have to sort this out myself. But first I went downstairs and made myself some juicy water (lemons, limes and oranges).

I was shocked because in the fruit bowl, the lemons were not yellow, the oranges were not orange and the limes were not green! Instead the lemons were purple, the oranges were blue and the limes were pink!

The fruit itself was fine just like normal oranges, lemons and limes but the colors were all wrong.

I went upstairs and led down to try and think about what was going on. Could an evil scientist have put poisonous gas in the atmosphere and it turned some things different colors?, no that cant be it I thought. Maybe it was a science experiment to see what would happen when you swapped colors around on objects?, no it couldn’t be that either. Maybe… oh, yes I had only remembered that yesterday I was diagnosed with colorblindness and I was not wearing the contact lenses that they given me. I walked over to the bathroom and put my contact lenses in. As expected, everything was back to normal.


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