Yummy breakfast rolls

Not all breakfasts have to be boring you know which is why I have come up with some delicious new recipes to share with you all!

The first one that I came up with are these three ingredient yummy breakfast rolls, not only are they yummy but they are great as a snack for whenever you are hungry.



  • Nutella
  • Two brioche rolls
  • Four medium strawberries


You will need-

  •  bread knife
  • chopping board
  • butter knives



How to make them-

  1. Take the brioche rolls and cut them in half
  2. Then slice the strawberries (there is a photo down below showing how to slice them)
  3. Spread the Nutella on both sides of the brioche rolls
  4. Place your strawberries in the roll and close them up




    – How to slice the strawberries –


  • Q- Can I use different fruit instead of strawberries?
  • A- Of course! experiment and see what tastes good to you, banana would work quite well!


  • Q- What do i do if i don’t have Nutella?
  • A- You could use peanut butter, or your favourite jam


  • Q- Can you eat this just for breakfast?
  • A- No you can have this whenever you fancy a sweet snack!