A Crash Landing


Written By: Lois Edwards

Inspired by Romeo + Juliet


Juliet gazed out onto the ruined streets below her; rubble filled the ground. Her house was the only survivor of the bombs. She had been woken by a loud bang; She assumed the Germans were probably bombing another town destroying all hope the citizens had left. The houses outside had collapsed leaving a sea of rubble filling the streets. Juliet could smell the dusty sent filling the air; she felt a gentle breeze swoosh past her face. The planes getting closer, but there was no way of telling weather they were the German’s or hers.

“Romeo, do you read me, I repeat do you read Me.”, Romeo heard the sound come through the speaker once again. He knew he had to answer the call but his next bomb dropping sight was mere meters away from him. Romeo knew that if he didn’t answer then it would be against the military code, he could even get shot. If his hand even slipped an inch off of the control stick he could loose control and crash.

He considered his options until he came to a decision. He kept one hand on the control stick while he reached to press the communications button.

Suddenly, his hand jolted of the control stick; he could feel the plane falling, his heart was racing. The plane was spinning around in the air, what could Romeo do? He was going to crash! His eyes were now tightly shut and he had curled up trying to protect himself from the inevitable crash. A few seconds later, he hit the ground with a huge thud. He had landed on the side of the plane, and hit his shoulder quite badly. The engine of the plane had smoke coming out of it.

Romeo struggled out of the plane onto the ground.

Where had he crashed? It was though he had landed in someone’s garden, in front of him stood the grandest house he had ever seen. He turned around and saw a marvelous water fountain with peacocks at its side. The grass was neat and the trees stood tall, reaching up to the night sky. Then he noticed: “but, soft! What light through yonder window breaks?” Up in the east wing of the house, someone was awake!

There was another loud crash, but this time it seemed a lot closer. Juliet ran out onto my balcony to see what was out there but as she stared into the dark night she could not see anything. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she took a closer look, she could make out a faint outline of a plane! Clearly it had crashed. Next to the plane stood a rather confused looking man. His plane had the Nazi symbol on the wing; he was a German! This couldn’t be good.

Romeo saw something move up on the balcony, he quickly ducked into the shadows. Then she appeared.

Up on the highest balcony was the most beautiful lady he had ever encountered!

“Hello?” called out Juliet “Is there somebody there? Are you hurt?”

“Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?” Romeo pondered, “What if it’s a trap and I am captured? I shall be brave and show myself”

           Romeo stepped out of the shadows, into the moonlight. Juliet said: “who are you?”

“My name is Romeo, Romeo Montague”, “and whom might you be?” he replied looking up at the balcony above him.

Juliet then said, “ My name is Juliet Capulet, daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet.” “You must come inside now, if any of my kinsmen find thee here, you could get killed, they would shoot you!

Juliet ran down to the door to let Romeo inside. As he stepped into the light inside, Juliet gasped in shock as she noticed something familiar about his face. He had blonde hair and blue eyes; he wore a black leather coat with the Nazi symbol embroided onto the sleeve. Romeo too recognised something familiar, but they both couldn’t work out what it was.

It was then that Juliet said, “Where is your hometown?”

Romeo replied, “I come from: Marburg, it’s a small town in Germany.”

Then Juliet exclaimed, “Why! I used to go there when I was a young girl! But since the war is on we haven’t been able to visit it for a while. I used to love visiting the castle and imagining that one day I would be a princess living in the very top tower!”

They both carried on talking for quite some time, talking about their childhood. Then Romeo glanced around the room and noticed a picture of a girl whom he knew he had seen before. He said to Juliet, “Who is that young girl standing outside Marburg castle in the picture on the fireplace?”

Juliet replied saying, “Why that is me when I was a young girl!”

Then Romeo exclaimed, “You must have been that girl that I used to play with in the summers, why that was such a long time ago!”

Then Juliet said, “Gosh, after all those years we finally meet again!”

“We must have been only twelve or so when we first met!” Said Romeo.

Then Juliet said, “Why do you remember when we used to run around the village playing knights and dragons.”

“Yes I do,” exclaimed Romeo.

“Anyway,” Juliet said, “what is your job now then?”

Romeo said, “I work for the Nazis, I used to build ships but then a few months ago one of our pilots fell very ill which meant that I was chosen to take his place. I don’t really like my job though, you see the English think that all of us Germans want to do is kill your people but really I hate having to drop all the bombs, destroying peoples homes and lives.”

Juliet then said, “As soon as I saw you I knew that you weren’t like all the other Germans, I knew you were different!

They both talked and talked the whole night, the sun started to rise and they both knew it was time to say goodbye.

Juliet then said, “Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

And at that Romeo walked off into the streets, them both not knowing when they would meet again.