Everything You Need To Know About Squishies!

This is a guide to tell you everything you need to know about squishies!

I have been collecting squishies for almost two years now! I have a giant squishy collection of 50 squishies! I love them because they are so fun to play with and I love collecting them. I really like that they come in all shapes and sizes, the designs on them are adorable. My favourite squishy that I have got is my yumibear squishy because it super cute and very slow rising.

Yumibear Squishy
Catburger Squishy
All my foam squishies
Homemade squishy 

Panda bun squishy:


The panda bun squishy is normally slow rising. The face looks like a panda and it is a round bun shape. The squishy is normally fairly soft and very fun to play with. The panda bun squishy can get dirty and the face may start to peel off.


  • It is very soft
  • it is slow rising
  • It is fun to play with


  • It can get dirty
  • The face can peel off

Bread squishies:


These squishies are not slow rising, though they are still made of foam. The squishies normally look like some sort of bread product and sometimes have icing of sprinkles on them. After a long time the squishies may start to crack and bits may start to peel off. If the squishies are played with a lot, the sprinkles might fall off.


  • They look cute
  •  They have sprinkles on


  • They may crack
  • Bits might peel off
  • The sprinkles can fall off

Jumbo character squishies:


Jumbo character squishies are slow rising. They always have some sort of cute face and design. They are really soft and fun to play with. The squishies can rip and the face can peel off.


  • They are slow rising
  • They have a cute design
  • They are really soft


  • They can rip
  • The face can peel off

Rainbow cake squishy:


The rainbow cake squishy is very slow rising and it is so soft! The squishy looks like a slice of cake with rainbow icing and smarties on top.


  • It is very slow rising
  • It is so soft
  • It has an amazing design


NONE !!!

Jumbo croissant squishy:


The jumbo croissant squishy is a bit like the bread squishies, it is not slow rising but it is made out of foam. Despite this it is still very squishy and soft. The colour on it may peel off and the squishy can rip.


  • It is made of foam
  • It is very squishy
  • It is very soft


  • It isn’t slow rising
  • The colour can peel off
  • It can rip

Sushi squishies:


These squishies look just like real sushi! They are small but cute and they are super squishy. The colour can peel off of them and they can rip.


  • They look like real sushi
  • They are cute
  • They are super squishy


  • The colour can peel off
  • They can rip

Silicone squishies:


Silicone squishies are very different to your average squishy because instead of being made out of foam they are made out of silicone (which is a type of rubber) this makes them super stretchy! They come in all sorts of designs. The paint can peel off them and its is possible to rip them. They can also get a bit dirty.


  • They are made out out of silicone
  • They are super stretchy
  • They come in adorable designs


  • The paint can peel off
  • They can rip
  • They may get dirty

There are a brand of squishies coming out called cake pop cuties that I really like the look of. They look super slow rising and the designs look amazing! The website is: