Bath Children’s Literature Festival 2017

Laugh out Loud Funny Show

This year I was lucky enough to be chosen to write for the Bath Children’s Literature Festival. This is my third year writing for them and I am really excited to have this opportunity again. This year I am going to see the Laugh Out Loud Funny Show. I chose this event because I really love funny books and comedy.

The people who are presenting it are: Michael Rosen, who will be joined by Liz Pichon, Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. I saw Liz Pichon last year and she was amazing so I can’t wait to see her again. I don’t really know Michael Rosen or Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet that well so I am really exited to watch them.

It’s a Sunday afternoon and we are waiting in the Guild Hall. I arrived here about half an hour before the show had started, there is already a huge queue for the show. Even though we had to wait a while, it gave me a good chance to look at the place itself. There are loads of amazing paintings and the ceiling was really interesting because it has loads of decorative patterns and swirls engraved into it and fantastic chandeliers. I couldn’t wait for the show to start.

The show begins with the director of the Literature Festival introducing the guests and welcoming us all to the show. Then Michael Rosen starts talking about the Lollies awards, as soon as he started talking I could tell that he was going to be hilarious. He explained how he created the Lollies award because he knew there were loads of different book awards but there wasn’t an award for the funniest book and he thought there should be one.

Liz Pichon was really great because she played loads of games and did lots of silly doodling, she even told us how to do the caramel wafer trick: all you need is a caramel wafer

  1. unwrap the wafer carefully
  2. eat the wafer
  3. fold the wrapper back up so it looks like there is a caramel wafer inside
  4. now leave it on a plate for someone to come up and eat it
  5. to there surprise there won’t be anything in there

Liz Pichon also played us one of the songs from Toms Gates band Dog Zombies, it was really cool and I loved all of the illustrations to go with it. She also did this game where she drew this really silly monster with bacon legs and triangular eyes, she asked the audience to describe different parts of the monster while she was drawing it, it turned out really funny.

Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet were the previous winners of the lollies awards last year with their book “I Need a Wee” and that is why they were here today. They have also written plenty of other books you might have read: Supertato, No-bot, Simon Sock, Cake, Barry the Fish with Fingers, Gordon’s Great Escape, Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell, Norman the Slug who Saved Christmas and many many more books.

Paul Linnet had actually wrote a song about Supertato and how he always saves all the other vegetables when the evil pea is mean and bullies them. It was a really funny song and even though it was aimed at younger children it was still fun to listen to.

IMG_8296Although every one else was good Michael Rosen was fantastic! He told us loads of funny stories and my favourite one was about sneaking downstairs at night to eat chocolate cake, you can see the full story here He also joked about how he lived in the Stone Age which obviously wasn’t true but it was still funny anyway. He also said that his teacher was really strict and she wouldn’t let anyone breath in class, she said that the children have all playtime to breath in. Can you imagine what it would be like if teachers were really like that!

I also liked him because even when the other authors were talking, he was always making funny gestures and joining in with the songs. He was really funny to watch and I left wanting to find out more about his writing as I think it will be really funny.

I really liked the whole show in general although apart from Michael Rosen the other presenters didn’t tell many funny stories, if they did that the show would have been perfect.

If you want to vote for the Lollies awards this year then you can click this link here in order to do so.



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