My Day In Charge Of Cooking

Every holiday my mum lets me and my sister have one day where we are in charge of the cooking. I really like doing this because I love cooking and its really fun choosing and planning all the meals. This is what we did today:


Egg, Bacon, Beans, Toast – I chose this meal because I really love bacon and eggs and so does my sister.


Pizza rolls – These yummy treats are pepperoni and cheese wrapped up in dough and then cooked in the oven. You can sprinkle them in cheese and oregano, it will give it a nice touch.


Chicken burgers -These are not any chicken burgers this is the Pineapple Super Burger! It is a grilled chicken breast topped with melted cheese and crispy bacon then we added a tropical salsa which is chopped pineapple mango chutney and mayonnaise.

Desert :

Apple crumble – My sister made this, it was made with apples from our garden.