My Birthday Cake

Yesterday my Mum, Dad and I made my birthday cake it looks amazing!

I’m really exited because it’s my birthday next week so together we made my cake this is how we did it:

you will need:

  • coloured buttercream icing (green and red)
  • two vanilla sponges
  • one chocolate sponge
  • yellow fondant icing

what to do:

  • first put your green icing on one of the vanilla sponges (you can make it messy because its meant to look like lettuce) you can use a nozzle if you have one
  • next put your chocolate sponge on top
  • then roll out your yellow fondant icing and cut it into a square
  • after that place the fondant icing on the top of the chocolate sponge
  • next put the red buttercream on top of the yellow fondant icing (again it can be messy because it’s meant to look like ketchup)
  • after that put the other vanilla sponge on top
  • finally it is ready to eat