Bath Taps Into Science

Last night, my family and I went to Saiful Islam’s talk at the University of Bath. If you don’t already know he is the person who presented the Royal Institution Christmas leatures last year, he is also Professor of Materials Chemistry, which sounds really cool.

Before we went into the lecture, there were lots of stalls outside with experiments and games on. My favourite one was the magic show, because I really like magic. The lady showed us some tricks and then told us the secret of how to do them. My other favourite one was learning about crystals and afterwards we could build a structure of one using marshmallows and cocktail sticks.


Then we went into the lecture theatre.

It was amazing! I really enjoyed watching all the experiments and all the interesting facts he told us about energy. It was really interesting to learn how a battery charges, (it’s kind of like a sandwich). I found it really funny when he set his pants on fire and when he exploded all the balloons at the end. My mum got a really good photo of the balloon just when it exploded.


I also really liked the funny jokes he told us like:

Rumour has it oxygen is dating magnesium


if you don’t understand this then it is that on the periodic table the symbol for oxygen is O and the symbol for magnesium is MG put them together and it spells: OMG!!!


At the end some people got to ask a question and I got to ask one this was what it was:

  • Me: What do you think they will be inventing when I’m in university?
  • Saiful: Well I think that they will probably be inventing batteries that charge in seconds but when you are in university you can come back and tell me if I was right.

Saiful Islam, I will be back to see you when I’m 18 to see if you were right!