Koh Thai Tapas – Bath

Thank you Koh Thai Tapas Bath for the free meal it was amazing. The atmosphere of the place was really calm, and it was just a really nice place to be. I really like the layout of the menu although it would be helpful to put some drinks options on the children menu to make it less confusing, but I chose pineapple juice amazing. I really think you should include the chicken satay and the 24 hour ribs on the kids menu as it gives you more options to choose from and they both taste great. The staff are all really friendly as well and they all talked to us and not just Mum and Dad.


For the starter, the spring rolls were amazing. I loved how you cut the vegetables. The sweet chilli sauce was also really nice. I think that you should probably provide knives with the meal as well though as it was a bit hard to cut the food.


For the main course I had the yellow curry, it was really nice although the sauce was a bit spicy. Apart from that the flavours were great and really fresh, I though it made a really nice meal. The portions were a really good size, I’m 10 years old and even I couldn’t finish it all.


For pudding I had the mango ice cream and there is only one word to describe it: AMAZING!!! The flavour was great I would definitely have it again.

My sister ate with us too so I asked her what she thought of everything. This is what she said:


Lots of vegetables which is good. Liked the spring rolls and there was enough food.

Main Course:

She chose yellow curry too. She thought the sauce was a bit too spicy, but she liked the meat and vegetables. Rice was tasty and she liked the shape.


Really nice (I mean who doesn’t like pudding ). There were lots of different flavours to choose from and they were all really nice.

She too thought the staff were really friendly. Overall she said she would give it:

  • starter: 9/10
  • main course: 8/10
  • pudding: 10/10

My score would be:

  • starter: 9/10 
  • main course: 9/10 everything was really nice although the sauce was a bit too spicy
  • pudding: 10/10 it was amazing

Thank you again for this opportunity I really appreciate it and I think we will definitely be coming again.


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