The Lost Men of Amroth

1950, Amroth, South Wales                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Alice was lying on the warm sunny beach with the waves lapping at her toes, but then she awoke to find herself at home in her bed being licked by her dog Berty. Berty is a young dog with long straggly bits of fur hanging off him. Alice is 10 years old and has long brown wavy hair. She is a very adventurous girl and is a bit of a tomboy unlike her sister. Her sister’s name is Meredith, Meredith is 8 years old and has blond curly hair and pink rosy cheeks. Since Alice is older she is quite bossy but Meredith can lose her temper very quickly! They live with their mother near a village called Amroth. They live in a small cottage next to the sea where they love to go exploring and have adventures. They do not live with their father as he sadly died in the war when they were young. He was a kind fair gentleman with a thin curly moustache and they all miss him lots. Their mother loves them both dearly and has to work very hard to look after them and make sure they have enough food to eat.

When Alice awoke it seemed like another normal day. She got up and looked out of her window and noticed a strange purple cloud hanging over the nearby village, she wondered what it could be, but then her mother called her downstairs to ask whether she had seen the milkman as their milk hadn’t been delivered. So they decided to all go into the village to do their shopping and buy some extra milk. They waited ages and ages at the bus stop but no bus came, so in the end they had to walk the two miles down into the village. When they arrived in town they were surprised to find that all the shops were closed. Just then Alice and her mum bumped into their old friend Sally and she too wondered what was going on. She commented that no-one had seen any men in the village that morning.

Alice thought to herself that she would find out what was going on herself. So she said to her mother that she was going to go back to the beach to look for shells.

When Alice was wandering through Amroth she bumped into a old lady and asked her if she knew what had happened.

“I don’t know,” said the old lady, “but there was a strange purple cloud hanging over Professor Fish’s house this morning.

“What could that be?’’ asked Alice.

“You better go and ask him to find out, he lives just over the hill.’’ the old lady replied.

“Ok.’’ said Alice.

When Alice got to Professor Fish’s house she knocked on the door three times. When the Professor opened the door Alice was shocked at how untidy his house was and was surprised anyone could live in such a mess. The professor had a pet robot dog called Chips. The Professor seemed a bit mad and his house was full of test tubes and old dusty books.

Then Alice asked the professor, “Do you know what’s been going on in the village?”

“What do you mean?” quizzed the Professor.

“Haven’t you heard, all the men in Amroth have disappeared!” explained Alice.

“When did you notice they’d disappeared?” he asked worriedly.

“Well, they were around last night, but this morning when we woke up there were no men in the village.” Replied Alice.

“Oh…” said the Professor, starting to turn red as he began to realize what might have happened. “I’m afraid it might have been my fault. I was working on one of my experiments last night, when there was a big explosion. I was trying to create an invisibility potion, but it didn’t seem to have worked.”

“Did that cause the purple cloud I saw in the village this morning?” asked Alice.

“I’m afraid so,” said the Professor, looking guilty. “I believe that could be the cause of your missing men, the dust cloud must have made them all dissappear!”

“Oh no!” exclaimed Alice “Is there any way we can fix this?”

Then the professor had an idea “Maybe if we could think of a way to get the dust off them, they would reappear again, but how could we do that?”

Just then it started to rain…

Back in the village, Alice’s mother and sister were just about to head back home to escape the rain, when they noticed one by one the men started to appear through the rain.

Everyone was pleased to see all the men again but couldn’t under stand what had happened but inside Alice knew and smiled to herself. It had been another great adventure.

The End.