The Day our school blew up (nearly!)

This is a true story

It was the last day of term. The whole school was sat in the hall at the end of assembly. I could hear the clock ticking in the background as Mr Pringle, the headteacher, was droning on about lost property – again! It was utterly boring, I thought I saw one of the year 4 boys in front of me starting to fall asleep!

Then suddenly, I jumped as the door burst open and Mrs Pie, the office lady, ran in huffing and puffing with a bright red face and grabbed Mr Pringle, they left the hall in a hurry. After that Mrs Peppermint (the deputy head) ran after them her high heels clanking on the polished wooden floor.

We were all sat watching, then the fire alarm went off! Normally when the alarm goes off (like when Mr Pringle burnt his toast in the staff room), we just line up in the playground, but this time our teachers led us out of the school to the church nearby, which was ultra unusual. None of us knew what was going on and we were all suspicious that the teachers weren’t telling us anything!

We could see the school gates from the church and saw loads of police arriving, but there were no fire engines, so we didn’t think it could be a fire and we all started to get worried. I was especially worried as I couldn’t see my little sister anywhere. The teachers were all huddled in a circle chatting, then one of the police came over and spoke to Mr Pringle. Suddenly the teachers announced that everything would be ok, but we would have to move to the playing fields further up the road.

When we got there, we were all told to sit in our classes with our teachers. There were loads of rumours being spread around, I heard a reception child (aka a shrimp) say that we had been invaded by aliens, that might not be a bad idea, the school would be much quieter if aliens took away the shrimps! Or maybe the fire alarm was just set of by the fumes from Billy Thorn’s PE kit!

A few minutes later, we were all chattering and playing games, Mr Pringle told everyone to be quiet and then he would tell us all what was going on. Obviously we were all eager to know was what happening so we quietened down immediately. But there wasn’t much point though as the only thing Mr Pringle said was “We don’t know what is going on. That is why the police are here, but it will take them time to investigate, so we have called all of your mums and dads and they are coming to pick you up as soon as possible.” As you can imagine everyone was very excited about the second part, but what he said first wasn’t much use at all!

Shortly afterwards our parents started arriving, some people were worried because their parents were in work and couldn’t come and collect them though. After a bit, I could see my mum and dad walking across the field, they looked really happy to see us. It was really busy and noisy everywhere, the teachers all had clipboards to make sure they knew who’d been taken home and all the parents were on their phones arranging lifts for anyone who couldn’t get picked up. We took my friend Sophie home, as no-one could get hold of her dad as he was shopping in Sainsburys!

When we got back to our house, my mum gave us some biscuit and juice for a snack, Sophie and me were talking about what could have happened at school, my dad was looking at the news on his computer and saw that it hadn’t been a fire alarm but was actually a bomb threat! I didn’t really know what that meant and thought there was a real bomb in the school! I was quite worried because my mum had packed me a really nice lunch with my favourite monster munch crisps in, and because we’d left so quickly we had to leave all our belongings in school!

A few hours later my mum got a message saying everyone could go back to school to pick up our things, it was really strange because it was sooooo quiet and there was no-one there. Everything turned out ok in the end though and because we had an extra afternoon off school, I was able to go on holiday early!