Lego Robotics

Last summer my school sent a team of children to Ralph Allen school for a First Lego League lego robotics competition. I put my name down to go, I  wasn’t expecting to get in but I did! My dad also came because he offered to help, he really enjoys programming and he does it for his job.

So on the day we all met at Ralph Allen school. We were all put into teams I was put into a team with two of my classmates. We were set different challenges like making the robot move in different directions or getting it to pick up various objects.

Inbetween we all went into a room were we were showed demonstrations of how to programme the robot.

All the teams were given a (star card) a card where they collected your points.

At the end we all went back into the room and they announced the winners. To my surprise we actually won the core values cup (the best shown teamwork). We were only one point behind winning overall!


In the main photo we are the school in blue.

After that I got really inspired and asked if I could have a lego robotics set for christmas. I got one. Ever since my dad has been teaching me how to programme the robot and more and more cool things that you can do with it.

If you want more info about the event click here.